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rapt (adj.): completely fascinated by

Based in the PNW · 47.0379° N, 122.9007° W

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Thoughtful storytelling to get lost in.

At the intersection of strategic planning and emotive storytelling, we craft content that goes beyond mere visual allure or intellectual engagement. Our mission is not just to capture the audience's attention, but to present them with thought-provoking messages that inspire both reflection and action.

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Crafting Unique Narratives

Uncover the myriad tales of brands we've partnered with. Each project is a testimony to our genuine curiosity, where we dive deep, extracting the essence of our clients' visions, turning them into compelling visual stories that resonate.

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Meet the RAPT Team: Visual Storytellers

Step into the world of our passionate professionals, each a curator of creativity and a beacon of innovative excellence. Our team's unique blend of skills and genuine curiosity forges the foundation of our visual storytelling journey, crafting tales that move.


You seek a storyteller with an unwavering dedication to your vision.
That's where we come in.

At RAPT, our services transcend traditional video production. We’re visual storytellers, dedicated to understanding, ideating, and crafting narratives that engage. Fueled by innovation and cutting-edge techniques, our offerings promise unparalleled storytelling experiences.


Blueprint of Your Narrative

Every great story begins with a solid foundation. In the pre-production phase, we immerse ourselves in understanding, brainstorming, and conceptualizing. This isn’t just about logistics; it’s about identifying the heartbeat of your story and setting the stage for its unfolding.


Capturing Moments, Weaving Tales

The core of visual storytelling is the art of capturing. As we move into the production phase, our expert team translates the blueprint into dynamic visuals. This isn’t just filming – it’s orchestrating moments, emotions, and ideas into a tangible experience.


Refining Every Pixel and Pitch

Our commitment to your story doesn’t end once the camera stops rolling. In post-production, we refine every aspect, ensuring each pixel and soundwave aligns with the narrative’s essence. We don’t just edit; we enhance, ensuring your tale is told with the clarity and impact it deserves.

Begin Your Story with RAPT.